It is important to understand that betting goes beyond paying attention to the promised values; check out the tips with the best offers  like best online gambling sites 2021 to have a successful bet.

The fact that you have seen an advertisement for a bookmaker with a very high bonus does not necessarily mean that this offer will benefit you. This is because you must understand that, more than the amounts that are being promised, what matters most are the steps you will have to take to release and withdraw these promotional amounts to your bank account.

In other words, you will have to determine very well what these wagering requirements are to enjoy this bonus simply and realistically. On the other hand, many direct competitors even end up promising more welcome bonus value but end up making it very difficult for the players to withdraw the values ​​of the bonuses and promotions they receive. All this should be analyzed in advance as a way to prevent more confusing situations.

Choose The Bookmaker For Ease Or The Biggest Bonus?

To better understand the whole concept of Roll Over System vs. Bonus Value, it is essential that you have access to an efficient example. So, let’s consider the following situations, which you can easily find between two authorized betting sites:

  1. You receive a welcome bonus of 200, like at Bet365, but you are only asked, in 30 days, to wager 5 times the amount of that bonus with a minimum betting odd of 1.50. If you can meet these requirements, you will be able to keep the 200 bonuses.
  2. The welcome bonus at another bookmaker is much higher than one thousand reais. However, you will only have one week to wager 20 times that same bonus amount, with minimum odds of 2.00. Only with these requirements can you withdraw the bonus amount.

So, which of the following scenarios do you find most advantageous? It is much simpler and more realistic for you to withdraw the initial bonus amount in scenario 1. Thus, it can be concluded that it does not benefit the player if a bonus is even much higher, but it ends up forcing you to comply with requirements that are almost impossible to fulfill.

Regular Promotions Shouldn’t Be Forgotten Either

No doubt the welcome bonus from predictions like William hill bookmarker prediction packages end up being the ones with the highest amounts offered. However, when choosing your Bookmaker, in addition to this initial bonus, you should understand what other offers and promotions are being offered. For example, betting sites that regularly offer promotions like “Super Odds,” free bets, “cash back,” or even weekly deposit bonuses will allow you to bet with much greater value and returns that end up being superior. These details can also make it much easier for you to find value bets in the long run, giving you a greater chance of succeeding in your online sportsbook.