No deposit bonuses are part of the virtual casino loyalty program, designed primarily for beginners. To receive a No Deposit Bonus for Nigeria, you need to register with a virtual casino and also indicate and confirm your contact details. These include the cell phone number, email address. If a player refuses to confirm contact information, a bonus will not be granted to him. Naturally, the casino is entitled to use contact information for marketing purposes. The player himself gives permission to receive advertisements via SMS and e-mail.

Rules for accumulating, betting and withdrawing funds

For each special offer in the virtual casino, there is a set of rules that are mandatory. Honest players are easy to follow these instructions. The most important rules are being of legal age and having only one account in a virtual casino. Sometimes a deposit is required before withdrawing funds. There may also be a list of games in which the bonus cannot be redeemed. A deposit is required before withdrawing winnings for the casino to ensure that the real person is playing with a real electronic wallet or bank card. These rules are related to the need to combat fraud and prevent money laundering.

  • Welcome points – Credited to the bonus account or free spin.
  • Points on the player’s birthday, New Year and other significant dates – To receive a prize, you usually need to contact virtual casino support, enter a promotional code and accept a bonus in your account. Gifts may require bets, but are sometimes given without them.
  • To receive the next level in the loyalty program, as well as VIP status.
  • For inviting a friend to the virtual casino.

What is a bet?

Beside the offer of a no deposit bonus, the conditions that must be met to withdraw it are usually indicated. Most of the time, the bet is indicated as a multiplier. If the amount of the no deposit bonus is $ 100 and the bet is x 10, you will need to place bets of at least $ 1,000 to be eligible to withdraw winnings. Sometimes restrictions on the maximum rate are introduced, as well as on the list of games on which bets are allowed. Do not confuse the game in demo mode with a no deposit bonus game. When playing with a no deposit bonus, the player has the chance to obtain a win and withdraw it from the casino. When playing in demo mode, there is no such chance.

Some other crucial aspects

All casinos offer some bonuses. A No Deposit Bonus is a bonus that you will receive when you register for a new account at an online casino. Virtual casinos rarely give large sums, even within the non-deposit structure. Even if a player manages to win a large amount of money with the help of a no deposit bonus, he is unlikely to receive it all. Payment limits are generally set. Thus, you must register in a professional online casino, which never gives false hope.