While fruits and gems used to dominate the old slot game industry, nowadays almost any object can be found as a symbol in an online agen slot pragmatic game. Although, there are still some standard symbols. The bonus symbols are the ones you will want to keep an eye on and will be happy to know that there are many of them in the latest slot games. There are approximately four categories of bonus symbols and each triggers a unique bonus feature.

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DISPERSION SYMBOLS – These symbols are usually the ones that pay the most and therefore are the most interesting for you as a slot player. Although you usually need to line up symbol lines on a payline from a certain direction. If the player succeeds in obtaining a scatter symbol, he will automatically trigger a bonus feature.

SYMBOLS WILD – The “wild card of the slots” is the random “wild” symbol, which can be replaced by any other symbol. It is very useful if you have a payline with a line of three symbols, and the next one is a wild.

EXPANDING WILDS – These wild symbols work in the same way as the wild symbol, but also it ends up in the entire column of the reel when you get an expanding wild. What this does is allow the player to win on more than one payline, and also depending on his luck on different lines.

STACKED WILDS – Similar to the expansion of wilds, stacked wild symbols appear in groups of 2, 3 or more and end up increasing the chances of finding a match on multiple paylines.

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Bonus games: what are they and how do they work?

Most slot pragmatic games include bonus games, which are small or mini-levels included in the standard game. These games are triggered by certain combinations, depending on the rules of each game and generally have much higher returns on wins than in the normal version.

Free Spins Bonus Spins: If you are playing with video slots and are able to unlock a bonus round, it is usually a free spin. What this means is that you will be able to enjoy this mini-game and earn cash bonuses without placing real money bets.

Standard bonus rounds: In addition to the free spins bonus rounds, others are simply a mini-game that can offer higher payouts for combinations or higher volumes of bonus symbols. Either way, a bonus round is always good news.

Classic slots versus video slots

In most online casinos, the player will find that the slot games featured are divided into two categories: classic slots and video slots. While the answer may seem obvious, there are some even more important differences.

Classic slots mostly have a single playline with three reels. Video slots can have up to five reels and dozens of paylines. Classic slots generally do not include bonus rounds and do not have any special features, such as dispersers or multipliers. Another important difference is that most classic slots do not have progressive jackpots.