People have heard news and stories about getting rich in sports betting. Many average bettors quit their jobs with a dream of becoming a millionaire and living lavishly ever after. The experienced bettors are well-aware of the challenges associated with sports gambling. The solution is to stay disciplined and slowly build your bankroll across the road. It is not a get-rich overnight route.

When you get enrolled on, a sister platform of Ufabet sports gambling site, there are some mistakes you will need to stay away from.

Common errors new bettors need to avoid

Often change unit size

It means when the going is hot, never change the unit size and increase the risk due to overconfidence. Never chase a loss to win it back. The flat-betting approach means to bet the same amount on each game and risk 1 to 5 percentage of bankroll per game. It saves you from going bankrupt but offers a positive ROI when they do well.

Gamblers fallacy

It is a belief that when something happens more than normal, it will materialize less frequently in the future. For example, in a 3-game series, if the cubs lose the initial 2 games, it is believed they will win the 3rd game. This is a fallacy because there is no guarantee.

Unrealistic expectations

Novice bettors enter the gambling arena with lofty expectations. To break even in betting on the sports spread, you need to win more than 51% of the time.

Biased betting

Biased towards home teams or favorites are not often good. Public bettors even lose because they are biased towards star players’ team and the group that gets most media attention. Contrarian bettors can take advantage of public bias and win.

Exaggerating the current trends

A favored team has a 5-game winning streak, so new bettors will automatically bet on it as it is playing well. The team with a 4-game losing streak will automatically not grab attention. Remember, teams with winning streaks are overvalued, so the oddsmaker accordingly shades their lines, while the line value of an undervalued team gets inflated.

Too many bets

Betting just to have action is risky. Betting on more than 10 games daily is a massive risk and can make you go bankrupt. For better bankroll management, it is logical to constrain your play and stay disciplined. Remember, you don’t lose a wager you don’t make!