You can find several types of casino bonuses. However, each casino offers the bonuses in its own way. But, the motto remains the same: attracting and encouraging the players. In our guide to casino bonuses, we will provide our readers with information on the most common types of casino bonuses.

Welcome bonuses

It is one of the best online casino bonuses. It is intended for visitors who have just registered at the casino. The welcome bonus can be obtained in several ways, choosing one or the other depends solely on the advertising policy of each casino. These types of bonuses can be divided into two categories:

No deposit bonuses: Such bonuses are credited to the player’s account immediately after the player installs the casino software and registers an account to play for real money. The size of no deposit bonuses is never large. They cannot be withdrawn immediately from the casino either. As a general rule, we are talking about a certain amount or total amount of bets that must be made. It is necessary to be clear about the conditions for no deposit bonuses in all online casinos, and it is important to ask if players in your country can actually receive them. Similar restrictions are also common in the online casino gaming industry.

Deposit Bonuses: You will find deposit bonuses probably at all online casinos. To receive them, you must deposit a certain amount of money into your gaming account. Casinos typically set a minimum deposit required to calculate such a bonus. The value of the bonus is calculated according to a certain percentage of the deposit made. However, a maximum amount is set. In almost all online casinos, a bonus of at least one hundred percent of the deposited amount is offered for the first deposit, although these conditions can vary considerably.

Bonus for the first deposit

It’s kind of a welcome bonus. First Deposit Bonus is delivered when a new user makes the first deposit to their account. Sometimes the conditions for betting bonuses mean that it can only be done on some specific games. This confirms once again that before making a deposit in order to receive a bonus, you have to carefully study the conditions that the casino proposes. In some online casinos, after making the first deposit, you have the opportunity to place free bets on one of the games. Such promotions are called free plays.