The whole world is under lock down right now and everyone is recommended to undergo self-isolation to prevent the spread of virus. In the current scenario some individuals may be working from home, while some of them may be under self-isolation. The remaining people would be fighting with virus in the hospital, research centers etc. Many people ask this question how they can spend their time when they are at home. For those who have self-isolated might get frustrated at time since they have nowhere to go. To save yourself from frustration try indulging yourself in to fun activities. Spend more time with your family or cook a meal for them. Online gaming is an interactive way to kill your time. Now day’s online games are easily available which could test your skills and lift your mood up. Consider playing domino qq online which is an interactive game easily available on google play and app store.

Don’t forget about your mental health:

In such outbreak and self-isolation don’t forget about your mental health and physical health as they are more precious to you. There are many ways through which you can stabilize your mental health. One of the ways include is to stay connected with your family members. During self-isolation consider spending time with your loved ones and make sure they are well. Keep yourself calm and don’t lose consciousness. Avoid being into stressful situations and make sure that things remain under control. Meditation will help you to keep your mind relax in such situation.

Why you should be working from home?

It is being advised that we all should start working from home rather than going to workplaces because we would be more prone to disease then. Working from home will not help you to maintain social distancing but it will save your time and money as well. working from home will give you more flexibility and reduce stress related to work issues.