There are four suits of cards in a deck of 52 cards and each suit has a face card, four king, jack and queen in a deck. It is important to know about the details when playing it the first time. The more you have ideas about the cards, the better it would be to practice and hone your skills. 

When knowing about how many face cards are in a deck of cards, these are king, queen and their jack and it is a total of 12 face cards. Besides, diamonds and hearts belong to a red suit, whereas spades and clubs are from black suit. Each of the suits has 13 numbers of different cards. Besides, each set will have an ace, and numbered cards from 2 to 10. Depending on game and card, the ace is ranked as the higher one, either above king or below two. Let us explore some other facts about deck of cards in the following part of the article. 

Is there a reason for 52 cards?

Over the time, there has been many combinations of cards such as 24, 36, 48, and 40 and so on. But 52 stole the attention and became the popular one among the card players. Though, there is no certain reason for it. The reason may be dated back to French deck size which is normally of 52 cards and from there the trend came into being. 

Are casino cards secured? 

If there is any imperfection in the pack of cards, it may be beneficial for the eagle-eyed players. It indicates that casino cards need a lot of security when it is played online hence one must know about how many face cards are in a deck of cards. This requires playing with large characters and symbols and if there is any auspicious occurrence in the deck of cards, it is easily caught in a security camera. After a pack of cards retires, each should be accountable for being sold or shredded as per the game rule of the casino for the particular card game. Even while playing online on GetMega app one can become aware about it. 

Moreover, it should be known that the cards are mostly made of plastic for enhanced security. It will be easy for the security of the casino players as they can prevent problems of cheating or someone who is using mark cards and the like. So, when buying the cards for the game, it is better to choose a quality option that is secured enough to play with. 

A famous number game   

If you are interested in games with facts and numbers, this is the one. It has 52 cards just like 52 weeks in a year. It has 12 face cards divided in four different suits and this is also similar to 12 months in a year. Besides, there are four suits which are similar to four seasons. Finally, there are two colors which is black and red representing two times, night and day. 

The playing cards consist of jack, king, and queen, unlike early decks when no female cards were present in it. It was after the 15th century that the use of French cards came into being and it came with a queen in it. Moreover, it relates the court or the face cards with mythology or the queens from history. 

More than just the faces 

Have you found the back of the playing card? There are different designs at the back of the card and it varies from one manufacturer to another. If you get some different deck of cards, you will find how different they are from each other. 

In addition to this, the suit symbols have similarity with diamonds, hearts, spades, and clubs and it has been derived from french. But with time, the symbol has changed unlike the early ones that were like swords, jugs, coins and clubs. These were prevalent in the Latin time. 

Can you recognize the card characters?

When playing with a traditional option of 52 french cards that belonged to the 16th century, you must know some of the faces. This is mainly how some of the figures resemble history. The king of diamonds is seen as Julius Caesar, the King of Club is similar to Alexander the Great, the queen of spades is the Greek goddess Pallas Athena, and jack of clubs is the Lancelot du Lac. 

Cards are more than what they seemed 

It is known that during war time, the government often tried playing cards and it was a way out to use the maps wisely for escape. The most famous cards are the one from Bicycle long back. It is further known that the cards are used by American Prisoners who wanted to escape during World War II time. The cards also reveal popular culture of the time of the Vietnam War and the myth around the time related to American Soldiers. The soldiers mainly used ace of spades to scare superstitious members of Viet Cong.