Relations between gamblers and bookmakers are not always ideal. Gambling establishments quite often block accounts and do not allow withdrawing the earned money. Faced with such problems, you need to have a clear plan of action in order to get out of this situation with honor.

How to get justice

After making sure that the 토토 사이트 bookmaker is not ready to pay off the money earned, start looking for ways out of the crisis, using all possible options for this.

Contact support

In order to understand the reasons why the office refuses to pay the bills, it is logical to ask for help from its representatives. The site must provide contact information. Call the hotline first. Only in case of failure, send a claim by email. Try to stay calm and avoid abusive conversations. Don’t panic if you don’t get an answer. If support does not respond, then you will have to move to more radical measures to draw attention to their problems.

Look for betting points

Large 은꼴 gambling establishments provide services not only on the Internet, but also through a network of betting points. By contacting one of them, you can communicate with real people and ask questions of interest. Write an application for deservedly earned funds and require it to be properly registered so that you have evidence that you can operate in court.

Leave negative reviews

Offices that have been offering services on the market for a long time value their reputation and try not to give competitors a reason for joy. Bookmakers keep track of all sorts of ratings. Leaving negative reviews on thematic resources, you can count on a constructive dialogue, while you need to have strong arguments. Without an evidence base, it will be difficult to find a compromise.

Determine the owner of the site

Without feedback, try to find information about the owner of the resource. He cannot maintain complete anonymity by registering a domain name. From time to time he has to pay for hosting. If you wish, you can calculate a person by bank details or payment system data from which funds are transferred. Contact your mobile operator for help if a phone number is listed.

Use the services of government agencies

After making sure that the opponent is not going to make contact, file a complaint about his actions with the Central Control Office and the SRO “Association of Bookmakers”, if, of course, he acts on the territory of the Russian Federation in the legal field. Otherwise, all that remains is to hire a good lawyer and take the case to court. This is the last instance where you can count on the rule of law. In case of a positive solution to the issue, all the funds spent will be collected from the intractable defendant.

Follow the terms of the contract

The above recommendations can be used if the player adheres to certain rules. You must carefully read the contract so as not to be in an unforeseen situation. Bookmakers have every right to block an account if its requirements are not met.