It is said that money makes money. A good application of the money can be seen in the stock market investment. Generating capital by properly utilizing the money helps in improving the economic condition. Generally, people keep their savings in the form of jewelry or cash. But the thing to consider is it does not help in to add any currency value to it.

It is always beneficial to invest money in the Stock lottery (หวยหุ้น, which is the term in Thai). This is not only a reliable but also even a productive place of investment. Now, the stock market is a system where the shares of the company are traded publicly. A company enjoys the option of buying, issuing, and selling their shares. Rather than the classical investment in areas like Fixed Deposits or Gold Bonds, the stock market is considered to be a better place of investment.

The idea of investing even a single dollar with a probability that it could help to add a lot of money is considered to be an appealing option for the majority of people. Many statisticians follow the trend of lotteries. They keep track of the numbers and make calculations on the odds for the next numbers. They may not always be right, but they help in coming close to the good deals. However, it is more beneficial to invest in big pots.

It is always safe to invest in places where even the market response is pessimistic. The opinions of the major investor, demand, and supply of shares, political, and social stability play an important role in the share price.

Advantages of Making Investment

  • It helps in providing good opportunities to the people by good returns within the short time frame.
  • It helps in enjoying the ownership even at a minority level just by investing some money in the stock of the reputed company.

Disadvantages of Making Investment         

  • Every time a transaction is made in the form of purchase or sell of shares, a certain amount in the name of the brokerage commission is to be paid to the stockbroker.
  • It is considered as a time-consuming affair that requires a lot of formalities at the initial level.

The stock market is always considered as a volatile place where one can enjoy big benefits or could suffer badly from losses. So, it is always important to make an investment in the stock market in a judicious manner.