Gambling in most European countries undergo several types of restrictions and high taxation, which makes gambling difficult and scares international operators off some national markets. Yet, the situation is far better for Spanish casino players, with all types of gambling officially approved by the local authority. So, if you reside in Spain, you are to be supplied with convenient gambling conditions, and a wide range of options and platforms to cooperate with.

Gambling Conditions

  • Law regulations – gambling in Spain is regulated under the Spanish Gambling Act of 2011 and by General Directorate for Gambling Regulation, which legalizes all types of gambling, counting on-land and online casinos.
  • Taxation – taxation is relatively high which makes it difficult for international operators to get high profits. Yet, experts predict, that the taxes will be lowered for the top ten Spanish casinos. Fortunately, the taxation doesn’t affect the players greatly.
  • Security – most casinos allowed to Spanish gambling market are tested and verified, yet, you should check the licences and security seals on your own, and gamble with reliable platforms only.
  • Financial operations – financial operations for Spanish players are usually proceeded in EUR, however, other European and world popular currencies are attainable as well. Spanish players commonly use international payment methods, covering debit cards, credit cards, bank transfer, cryptocurrency, e-wallets, and other methods available at a certain casino.
  • Bonuses – most bonuses and promotions are available for Spanish players with no limits and extra taxation.
  • Generals – top Spanish gaming spaces supply interface in Spanish as well as Support services 24/7 in Spanish.

Gambling in Spain is convenient and can be easily profitable for Spanish players. Still, there are high hopes that the conditions will be altered at least a little to make the casino business beneficial as well.