At first glance it may seem a contradiction in terms of the strategy of going all-in without putting all the chips, since as everyone knows, including judi online newbies, all-in means putting your entire stack in the middle of the table.

However, this tactic for playing dominoqq has its foundation and reason for being if we think about the specific context in which it must be adopted. In fact, when we are in the advanced stages of a tournament (high-blind phases characterized by rather high blinds), making an all-in with all our chips could be seen as our desperate move and, therefore, our bet could easily called precisely because it is seen as the last cartridge we are firing.

The Right Opportunities

Our goal, on the other hand, is to give a show of strength to the other players sitting at the table, in order to minimize the likelihood that someone will decide to call our raise. To achieve this effect we should therefore make a bet that engages a substantial part of our stack, in order to make ourselves evidently pot-committed, but not all of it. In doing so, we will show the table that we are betting for value and still be forced to move all-in if we are called. From a methodological point of view, our bet should be between 80% and 90% of our stack and, to further strengthen our image, it should not be preceded in the middle-blind phase by similar bets.

  • In summary, thanks to this bandarq strategy while not making a classic all-in with all our chips on the table, it will be as if we did it or, at least, that is the message that will be read by the other players.
  • Proverbs are often used in real life to summarize, with effectiveness and immediacy, apparently complex situations or to give a guideline on the behaviors to adopt in certain circumstances. Even in the varied world of Texas Holdem Poker there are proverbs, born from the experience at the tables of thousands of players. One of the best known reads “on the river bet with strong hands and some weak ones but never bet with marginal hands”.
  • By analyzing this suggestion in detail, we can ascertain its validity and we can therefore always keep it in mind whenever we find ourselves pondering which is the best move to make after the turn has fallen.

Benefits on your Hands

In the first place, betting with a strong hand is nothing more than the absolutely legitimate and almost obligatory attempt to extract value from one’s combination. In this case, as we are widely favorites, we decide accordingly what is the “cost” to be imposed for the opponent who wants to see the river.

In case we have a weak (not very weak) hand, the choice to bet a quantity of chips is purely bluffing. In other words, even in this case we are leading the game with the decision of how much we are willing to risk in terms of chips to make a pure bluff that would have the possibility of being improved if the river came to our aid.

The Last Option

Last, but certainly not least, the proverb suggests that no bet should be made if we have a marginal hand. Here too the accuracy of the popular adage is demonstrated, in fact, it is enough that a single player does not fold to our bet and we would almost certainly have lost all our chips placed in the pot and perhaps even those we will put after the descent of the river.