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Graph game manipulation-Graph site verification Avoid graph manipulation

Graph site operation

Is it possible to manipulate the graph game?

그래프사이트 is a game that started in the UK in 2014, and the headquarters of Bustabit in the UK says that operation itself is impossible because a very complex and sophisticated security system is applied to each game’s random hash generation program. In addition, we have gained trust from users by developing a system that can verify whether the result value is correct through the hash value provided after the result value is determined for each game. This elaborately developed game source and verification program were released to an unspecified number of people, allowing the original source of the graph game to be verified, further increasing the reliability.

  • However, as the game source was released on github as an open source, anyone could take this graph game source and create a graph game site. There was a problem at this point. It is similar to the그래프게임추천, but a site that provides its own graph game was created like a rumble, and each of these graph game sites did not use the open source released by Bustabit in the UK, but instead made a graph game site by modifying their own is. At the same time, by inserting a program that can manipulate the graph game result value, or by adjusting the exchange rate higher than 1% (manipulating up to 10% or more), the exchange rate disclosed by Bustabit in the UK, damage will be returned to users who enjoy the graph game. Making a shop is a graph game operation.

Therefore, unlike the British Bustabit, we come to the conclusion that it is possible to manipulate the graph site depending on how you actually use the graph game source. Bustabit in the UK is also trying to identify this situation and constantly search for sites that operate graph games and disclose the site domain to prevent damage, but it is not enough to keep pace with the increasing number of graph game sites.

How to avoid graph game manipulation

It has now turned out to be somewhat true that graph game manipulation is possible. Among the domestic graph game sites, there are many sites that manipulate graph games because of their desire to quickly see big profits. However, not all domestic sites operate graph games.