In layman’s terms, online gambling, often used interchangeably with internet gambling is a group of illegal activities ranging from illegal wagers to gaming activities offered in all sorts of internet-enabled devices like personal computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. Nowadays, internet gambling has been all the more on the rise due to the public’s easy access to the internet and internet-enabled devices. The ability for continuous gambling, large wagers, and easy access to a large number of betting options are mostly responsible for the extensive outreach and popularity of online gambling.

The Beginning and Evolution of Online Gambling

Online gambling businesses started back in the mid-1990s. The worlds first-ever casino was established in 1994 in the small Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda when they started handing out licenses to companies willing to provide online gambling services. A little more than 3 years later, the number of online casinos started growing exponentially, and early into the 2000s, became one of the most profitable businesses.

The Dark Side of Online Gambling

Aside from having a few advantages like comfort, convenience, and instant dopamine secretion, online gambling can actually be a pretty shady business to be involved in. The frequent dopamine secretions can become a kind of addiction, especially one that’s hard to get rid of. The urge to make economically unwise decisions while gambling can land one in grave circumstances. Moreover, the omnipresence of fraudsters in disguise makes it even more difficult for laymen to make judicious decisions while staking all their life savings.

The legality of Gambling in India and beyond

For the most part, ambiguity has dominated the legality of gambling across the world. While in most middle eastern countries, it is illegal to gamble both in on-land as well online establishments, in other Scandinavian countries, like Denmark, and Finland, it is absolutely legal to engage in all kinds of gambling activities. In India, online betting had a varied position across the country. However, after the Central Public Gambling Act of 1867, all forms of gambling have been declared illegal in India. It has also notified the difference in legality between “Games of Chance” and “Games of Skill”.


Gamblers now have several alternatives accessible to them that weren’t available 20 years ago, in addition to a tonne of casino selections. Since then, in-play betting has become an option on sports betting sites, there are tougher verification procedures, several casinos provide great incentives to both new and returning clients, and online casino games operate error-free. Additionally, live casinos were recently established and were well-liked by gamblers. สมัครสล็อต(apply for slots) now.