When predicting totals, the important point is the goal difference between teams. Those clubs with close to zero goal difference between goals conceded and scored are ideal. If there are 2 outsiders who score little in the season, then the betting strategy under consideration is not appropriate to apply. If teams score a lot, but concede a little, then they are also not suitable for the strategy.

Borussia Dortmund is a prime example for strategy this season. The club plays quite unstable, scores a lot and concedes a lot.

For convenience, betters can keep statistics on championships in Excel. So you can determine the club tournament where it is best to bet on TB 3.5 and 4.5. Now the matches of Wales, Northern Ireland, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, and Holland are distinguished by a large number of goals in fights.

Another point when using the 카지노가입쿠폰 strategy is the quality of the field. It depends on the current weather conditions. If the weather is bad, then it is better to abstain from such rates. It is more difficult to score goals on a bad field, it is much easier to defend.

Playing at overpriced odds

It is possible to play on inflated odds not only with TB 3.5 and 4.5. It is necessary to pay attention to the predictions during the fights. There are more betters who make bets out of excitement, while they do not delve into the statistics of the match.

Through your own table, you need to run the statistics of the match for the selected events, getting “your” odds. Then they should be compared with the odds of the bookmaker’s office, and only then bet. This must be done quickly and without hesitation, almost automatically.

What does the “both to score” bet mean?

When will the bet on “both teams to score” win and in what cases it will not? Do both teams often score goals in football matches?

The bet “both will score” in football means that during 90 minutes of the game + stoppage time by both halves, each team will be able to hit the opponent’s goal at least once. If such an event happens, then the bet is considered won, if the opposite happens, then you will lose. The likelihood of such an event happening depends on each match. In one game, there can be indoor football, and in the second, attacking teams can meet.


The bet “Both will score 2 or more – yes” means that in the match each team will be able to hit the opponent’s goal, and they will do it at least twice. The difference from a simple bet “both will score” is that here the individual totals are doubled. In fact, this means that the express is made up of two events: ITB1 (1.5) and ITB2 (1.5). The odds for such a bet are much higher than for “both will score”. There is no refund for this rate.