Actually, there are many ways to win in Forward South, but if you want to win by the fastest way, you can use the method of trapping your opponent to get the opponent into a lockdown, specifically as follows.

Firstly, you have to determine if the card is good or not. If it’s bad, let’s skip it and try to give as many cards as possible. A bad case has too many trash cards, usually 5 or more trash cards. And are under J cards, then determine the cards as discarded, how many cards to give, and important not to fail two or more rows.

Secondly, confirm again whether the card includes 2 or not. In fact, 2 is both important and not important. It is important that if there are too many odd cards. And it is not important that if you have the right to go first and the card is too good to win quickly. Even only 4 times, with the big row, you can make the match be ended.

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If the card is good, bait the opponent with small “sảnh” that can be blocked, for example, in the 3-4-5-6 “sảnh”, it is necessary to fly away, usually, the opponent will have a blocking “sảnh”, but in 4rd, the possibility is less than that of 3rd. The third one should be given near the end. If you have a J Q K A straight then great, you’ve got 8 cards in your card. Then use small pairs to bait again. Usually, there will be small pairs, big pairs and end with 1 mid-range trash card.

Thus, this good card is usually 1 trash card, 2 straight 4, 2 pairs.

In case there are four quarters or three pairs of cards in a row or more, decide to play the big cards first because the opponent thinks their cards are all big so it is likely that they will overpower 2. Immediately play quads or three pairs in a row for punishment. The probability of blocking 2 rows is very low, so the chances of blocking are great. From here, you can play more cautiously with the pairs, trash cards to throw the cards quickly.

Thus, this good card is usually available with four quarters, big row, J poured on and trash cards, having 2 or not 2 are all because the main target is decoy the opponent.

For cards with available long straight or large trilogy, it is necessary to go the trash cards first, use 2 to crush and then come out these lines. Getting rid of such fine lines early will only help you lower the number of cards in your hand, but may not solve the situation afterward.

Of course, winning or losing in Forward South also depends on your luck and your player’s hardness. Some people with weak mind may want to leave 2 or leave the last row for a quick return but forget that, skipping will create conditions for you to return extremely quickly after only 3.4 throwing cards.

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