Baccarat, also known to players as baccarat, is a fascinating card game with simple rules and very dynamic gameplay. It was created in the late Middle Ages in France or Italy, and was popularized in the 1950s, when casinos in Las Vegas introduced it to the offer. It is also a game extremely popular in Asia, where it can even surpass the popularity of poker.

Today, thanks to contemporary technology, you will be able to play baccarat online without leaving your home. Playing baccarat in online casinos even has an advantage over playing in a regular land-based casino that you don’t have to go somewhere, and you can play for real money literally from the couch, using a computer or even a smartphone. Online casinos allow you to play live, in which the image from the room is sent directly to the player’s device. The dealers operate monitored tables, equipped with sets of sensors, with cards printed with QR codes, which allows for an immediate result and quick play of baccarat games.

Win Baccarat: Strategies and Rules

As it is mentioned, this is one of the simplest card games you can play, and the decisions you make in it won’t require as much thought as, for example, playing Texas Hold’Em. The player’s decision is practically limited to placing a bet on himself, the dealer or a draw.

In order to understand how to win at  judi baccarat online, you need to know the mathematical edge of the casino on each betting area. The house has a 1.36% advantage when betting on the player. When betting on the dealer (sometimes also called banker in baccarat) this advantage is smaller. For this reason, to compensate for it, the casino charges an additional commission for the winnings wagered on this field, which is generally 5% of the sum of the prizes. Commissions are charged when you leave the table and claim your prizes. However, even after this commission is deducted, the house edge drops to 1.17%.

The last option is to bet on a draw and although the pay outs here are very high, as much as 8: 1, the chances of winning are slim. Due to the way the cards are drawn, an equal combination of cards appears very rarely, and as a result the house has an edge of as much as 14.1%.