In today’s world, poker fans are interested to play online. It is the game of observation that could enhance your playing style and observe your general tendencies. It will provide a different experience when compared to a live poker game. It will make you observe the types of decisions made by your opponents which will improve your overall gaming stuff. In poker games, bots are referred to as a piece of software that is used in online poker sites. It can run in the background and as standalone programs alongside while you are playing.

Do Poker Sites Have Bots?

Yes! Usually, many of the poker sites are using pieces of software bots to beat the opponent players. It is used to control the virtual character and imitate the human behavior of the computer program. Situs Judi online provides a card to play gambling games with real money deposits. This site has a legal bot to play with strategy tricks for making more profit. You can beat bots but you need to be technically strong enough.

Ways To Beat Online Poker Bots

Bots are only profitable at the lowest limits with the various level plays. It can easily be beaten by the skilled players who can adapt their predictable strategy. Bots are built to play a different variation of poker including cash games, multi-table tournaments, etc. sometimes it will confuse your game plan. So you need to be more careful. The followings are the basic things to beat online poker bots such as:

  • Play unbalanced versus bots
  • Play big pots with bots
  • Isolate bots
  • Choose a small sizing when bluffing versus a bot

Play Unbalanced Versus Bots

It is the potential bot with the following characteristics that have an unbalanced to exploit those tendencies such as:

  • High fold to c-bet – If bold folds greater than 60% you should bluff against them
  • High fold to 3-bet – If bot folds greater than 70% you should nearby them
  • High fold to river c-bet – If bot folds greater than 60% you should barrel off against them often

Play Big Pots With Bots

It can occur in a game in which there are more than two players. The one player has all the chips they have in front of them. It may continue until they bet between themselves.

Isolated Bots

You want to play as many pots as possible against any opponents that have a static strategy. If you know the exact post-flop you can isolate nearly 100% of hands against them in position.

Make Small Bluffs

It can induce a fold at least one opponent who holds a better hand. The profitability of the bluffer should determine by the size and frequency of the bluff.

The Bottom Line

These are the basic concepts to beat bots on your game. So if you are planning to play poker on the Situs Judi online make sure you utilize the code scores and calculations made by the site for more benefits.