Besides that, it is also nice to play on a site that has a good and wide live support. Should you run into problems, it is always reassuring to know that you can contact customer support 24/7. It is even better then if the betting site in question also offers American-speaking staff.

One last and extremely important thing is bonuses. All sports betting sites offer some form of bonus to new customers and they can vary greatly in appearance but especially also in size. For the situs judi online this is important. Read more about it in the next section.

The most common mistakes in sports betting

The most common mistake of sports betting is that people often do not go to work humbly enough. You expect to become a millionaire after a week, and jump headlong into the deep water… and drown. The absolute best advice you can ever give a sports bettor is to take a methodical approach. Post your games and keep track of your finances.

  • Feel free to make a rating of your games, where you classify games according to how big a betvalue they have. The bets with the largest bet value get the largest bets and vice versa. Besides that, it is a golden rule to only stick to games on something you know about, and preferably something you know a lot about. If you know everything about the American 1st division in handball, take advantage of it. Here you will probably have an advantage over most bookmakers and here you can really find odds value.
  • As soon as you move away from your area of ​​expertise, you increase the risk of stepping aside because your knowledge is limited. Besides that, it is also always a good idea to stick to single games. That is, to bet on individual matches, rather than get greedy and make a huge coupon at odds of 3000 simply because there is an opportunity to win big money. You lose in the long run by thinking like that.

Let’s assume that you think the match between Brøndby and FC Copenhagen goes over 2.50 goals. You mean that there is over 50% chance that the match has more than 2.50 goals. Depending on the payback percentage that the bookmaker in question works with, anything over odds of 2.00 of over 2.50 will have odds value for you here. Here there is betvalue because the bookmaker in question in your eyes has misjudged his odds assessment on the match.

Find your sports bonus at the best betting sites

  • Bet365 USA (Bet365 betting is one of the world’s largest betting sites)
  • Unibet (Unibet sport is together with Bet365 one of the world’s largest and oldest sites)
  • Nordicbet (Nordicbet Betting was one of the first in USA to take up the match with Danske Spil )
  • Bethard (Bethard Sport is a new player in the market. But now huge)
  • Betfair (Betfair is one of the world’s largest betting exchanges. Here you trade odds against other players)
  • Bwin (Bwin sport also belongs to the old elite of early bookmakers in the