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They will find well-detailed articles on the basics of poker, the rules of the game, the variations of poker and the strategies to easily win the games. They will have advice on the qualities of a good poker player and free or real money video poker. Stephillo delivers everything to you in the simplest possible ways. For those who have already taken their first try and have resigned themselves, let me tell you, you will be on your own. Here you will find tips to improve yourself. So welcome to Stephillo’s poker blog of canlı casino oyunları.

Introduction to poker: basic principles and rules of the game

For the more sophisticated, they know that the game of poker is an option which requires proven skills. Otherwise, to play it, you must know the basic principles common to all variants. So, poker is a money game that is played with 52 cards of 4 suits. There are spades, diamonds, clubs and hearts. The objective of the player is to gain the maximum of part by using better combinations of hand which he can make. The bets are made up of chips. The number of players varies from 2 to 10 depending on the variant. For games, one of the participants is designated as the card donor. He deals the cards clockwise. After that, he can designate the player who will start the game. It is indeed the one that is directly to his left after each player has received a combination of 5 cards.

  • Truth be told, the basic rules of poker aren’t that complicated. The main thing is to master the combinations of hands, the bids and bids and the actions to be performed. Further on, each variant has its particular rules. In order not to miss anything during a game, poker requires a lot of attention. Even if we present briefly here, we will go more in depth in the various news. To go directly to the heart of the matter, each card has its value in poker games. The best card is the Ace and the smallest is 2. The Ace is followed by face cards like K, Q and J.

However, the most important value is that of the card combinations made by the player. Here are the possible combinations: the royal flush, the flush, the square, the full house, the flush, the straight, the set, the double pair, the pair and high card. With this blog, get ready to learn how to play poker with the best strategies to win games like my first apprenticeships after E-lyco in St Philomene.