Have you been to a casino? Then, you would have a better knowledge of different gamblers that you observe and understand in casinos. Today, online gambling has become the favorite past time of many gamblers. They can hook to the laptop or mobile to enjoy the game whenever they find the time and earn the right amount of money. There is a wide range of games that you can play for free of cost or by paying some money. There are a few enzibet casinos that are allowing the new gamblers to enjoy the game for free. You can make most of this opportunity to learn new games and get hands-on.You can click on for more information regarding online casinos.

When you step into the gambling floor, you get to see these seven types of gamblers

Free players

These players just gamble on a different game for time pass. They are not serious about gambling and do not want to take the risk. They would take the demos of all the games and never show interest in depositing the money for playing the real games. They would get excited about playing the games instead of winning the money.

VIP player

This type of player is ambitious and shows a lot of conviction towards gaming. They would play the games to win rewards. They would deposit a considerable amount of money to win the promotions, bet on a lot of tournaments and games to earn the reward points. The main aim of the VIP player is to earn rewards, incentives, and bonuses.


This type of player would use online gambling as a way to escape from reality. These people would like to get rid of stress by gambling in different ways. They just play this game as a stress buster. It helps them ease the stress and stay calm.

Social gamer

These people only join gambling sites to make new like-minded friends. There are chat rooms offered for the gamblers who are playing in the gambling sites. They use this opportunity to socialize with other players and make friends. These people like to know the other player who is playing on the other side. It is a fun way for them to win money.


These people make their livelihood through gambling. They are serious about betting, and they use different strategies to win the game. They always keep their finger on the pulse to learn new strategies and trends in gambling. These people are confident in making huge profits by playing different games. They will take part in the big tournaments regularly. They also stay on par with the latest releases of the slot game.


You must revisit your gameplay if you are categorized as a compulsive player. These people will make decisions based on their emotions. It leads to poor decision making and losing money. They would lose their temper and go overboard, spending a lot of money on gambling. They do not set any limit or budget for gambling. They keep on playing despite winning or losing spree.