Another variation of situs poker is Judi qiuqiu online. Itis a card game enjoyed by all gamblers.It is generally played by six players and a domino is used to play the game.

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The game

The game generally begins with each player being handed three cards, they are supposed to either match the card with the highest cards or go for another round. To fold a card, you need to match the highest value card. Once the three cards are in hand, you can decide whether you want to fold or move on with the situs poker game. If your card has the highest value, you can fold and win the pot but if none of the players show their hands, a fourth card is given.

Playing system

Once the fourth card is handed, you need to match it with the highest card as you have done in the first round. It’s time to show your card as well as see the cards of the other players to determine who wins the pot. If two players have the same card, the winner is determined by the player who has the highest number. For a beginner, it is important to know the highest cards and their usage.

The cards

  • Six Gods Card

A Six Gods Cardis named so because it has God-like powers. If a player gets a Six Gods Card, it means that he has the highest possibility of winning the game. In the second round of the game, the players get four cards, if the fourth card has six points; it is called a Six-God card. This card acts as a lottery ticket. The one, who gets the card, gets the money as well.

  • Balak cards

The next one is called Balak cards, this might not be the highest card in order but it is the second-highest. The winning chances may not be as high as the topmost powerful card but it’s none the less an important card and can be used to its full power if played very cleverly.

  • Pure large card

In the third rank is the pure large card. It can easily beat the highest card value of 99 or popularly known as qiuqiu.There are four cards and each card had a domino value. With a large pure card, the value can exceed 39 out of 41.

  • Small Pure Cards

A small pure card is ranked last of all the judiqiuqiu online cards and is therefore known as small. This card contains the lowest number; usually, the card number is below 10.The number if the card can never be more than 9.


Although Small Pure Card is the smallest card in the ranking of cards with the highest value, yet if played wisely, any card can turn the table around. All the above-mentioned cards have their specialties. A situs poker game can be easily won with the help of any one of the above cards. Though the cards that a player will be handed depends largely on luck,the strategy should be applied.a