The thai card diversion where the gamers target for the hand which is one-digit rival against the agent called as Pok deng game. Here the three kinds of cards are taken into account as pairs. The ป๊อกเด้ง is also called as pok kao because of the nines and eights being high with values that are desirable.

The normal stages to play pok deng game

  • The gamers are going to put their wagers.
  • The agent is going to shuffle the cards and hand each gamer with the two cards. Later it ends with the agent.
  • Each gamer is going to draw one card or might stay.
  • The agent is going to compare the cards with hands against the gamers.
  • The agent is going to draw the card as the card control is within him.
  • The dealer is again going to compare his cards with the remaining gamers.

The setup and gameplay of the pok deng diversion

Now we will at first understand the setup of the pok deng diversion.

This game supports about players of two to seventeen incorporating the agent. However, it is suggested for players of about three to nice. For starting the gamers designate the agent. One individual might remain as the agent for players or several rounds so that they can agree to switch off being the agent. Every game is played shortly from many seconds to only some minutes except the agents putting the wager utilizing chips and cash. 

The little objects like candy that is wrapped and putting the wagers on the table. Every gamer plays against the agent and is not going to compete with other gamers. The agent is going to shuffle the deck of fifty-two cards for playing of the cards. This will identify whether it is used in counter clock wide or clockwise. They deal with the face down two cards one at a time to every player ending herself or himself. The cards which are left turn into the pile of draw. 


The play happens in the similar order of the dealing of the cards. Here the formula or strategy is used same as the สูตรบาคาร่า to win the cash soon and more. While the turn of the player is happening there is a choice for card drawing or not. A gamer might only draw one card from the draw pile top. It means every gamer ends up three or two cards per each diversion. If the gamer is starting with two hand cards of nine or eight that person is referred as pok. Then suddenly he or she needs to show the card which is the better hand. The gamer might not draw a card. The agent is going to take her or his turn as the last one. If the agent is going to have pok then those cards are turned to face up and every hands of gamer are contrasted with the agents. If the agent does not have any pok then before taking decision to a card, he need to show the players hands that are selected. Then he or she is going to compare them to her or his personal payouts. Then agent might draw the card and compare it with the remaining players by their own selves.