Omaha is one of the most popular forms of poker and derives from Texas Hold’em, the most popular, with which it shares many of its rules. It is considered the second modality chosen by practitioners to start in the sport. The most striking difference between the two modalities is the number of cards that players receive. In Omaha poker, players receive 4 hole cards, not 2 as in Texas Hold’em. In this post you will learn about the main characteristics of Omaha, besides the main differences with the modality from which it originated, Texas Hold’em.

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What are the stages of a hand in Omaha poker?

The most played variation of Omaha poker is Pot Limit, in which the maximum bet cannot exceed the value of the pot, which is the sum of all the chips placed on the table at the time of betting. The hand always starts with the two players sitting to the left of the button (dealer), paying the blinds. The first pays the small blind, half the minimum bet, and the player sitting to his left pays the big blind, the minimum bet on the table. Then, each player receives 4 hole cards, which only they can see.


The betting round takes place clockwise at the agen idn poker table, with the action starting with the player who is in the UTG (under the gun) position, to the left of the big blind. If 2 or more players remain at the table, the hand proceeds to the community card turn – those that are dealt on the table by the dealer and can be used by the players to form games.


These are the first 3 community cards that the dealer places on the table. Players should consider the possibility of games that they can form. A new round of betting is made, clockwise, as always, and if there is no winner the game moves to the next community card.

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The turn is the next community card, in other words, it is the moment when you must decide if it really is worth following in the game, without damaging your bankroll. A new round of betting takes place and, if there is no winner, the game moves to the next card.


The last card that is turned over on the table, so this is where the last strategies are defined. A new betting round is made and then, if there are no winners and more than one player remains at the table, the showdown will be made.


The last step in a poker hand is when all betting rounds are over. Players must show their cards and see which one has the best game, formed with two of their cards closed and three of the five community cards. The first player to show the cards is always the one closest to the button, clockwise. To prevent opponents from reading your game, the poker online player who thinks he has no chance of winning the hand, can choose to hide the cards and fold the pot.