Over the past couple of decades, we have seen a huge shift in the gambling industry from land-based gambling sites such as casinos and high-street bookies, to online alternatives which have now monopolised the industry and become the main format for many of us to gamble on. However, there are multiple different ways in which we can now gamble on and just not just usual formats and below we look at some of the different variants when it comes to online gambling.

Poker has always been one of the most popular card games around the world, and the introduction of the internet has just ensured that the popularity of the game has just continued to rise. Poker has been able to benefit from this as there are multiple different tables you are able to play at on the internet, at a whole range of stakes to ensure that anyone can play on an online poker table at any standard or stake that they want to choose from.

Another form of online gambling that has also been able to benefit from the introduction of the internet has been the casino market. The reason why online casino has been so popular since the introduction of the internet is due to the variety that it has on offer for players to choose from, this includes slots, blackjack, roulette, and many other tables games. Furthermore, some online casinos can offer unique features like live dealer experiences and a whole host of promotional deals and sign up offers for players to benefit from and enhance their gambling experience. These non-UK casinos have been one of the best online casinos online in terms of all-round gambling experiences and continues to dominate the non-UK market which has been driving a lot of good traffic through their site due to the quality of game that they have on offer.

And finally, the last area of the online gambling world that has become one of the leading revenue turners for the industry is that of the sport betting world. With online sports betting, it has allowed for punters to still view their favourite sports live in the stadium or even in a bar and be able to place a bet through their smartphones without having to visit a bookie. Sports betting has always been popular, but the internet has allowed for gambling operators to add additional sports to bet on with hundreds of different markets within each sport to bet on.