Video poker is a card game played against a slot machine where, with an optimal strategy, the payout percentage is one of the highest in casinos. Many people are already familiar with slot machines around Finnish shops and service stations.

Video poker mroyun giriş is one of those games where an optimal game strategy can be mathematically calculated for each hand. Sure, no strategy will make video poker a long time run, but with orthodox gaming, you can clearly improve your winnings.

The Right Deal Now

In this article, we’ll take a thorough look at video poker game strategies, and give tips for winning the game.

  • The basic idea of ​​video poker is to get the best possible hand by swapping all or part of the cards dealt in the hand for new ones. Numerous variations have been developed based on the same idea, the best known of which are Joker Wild, Deuces Wild , All American, and Jacks or Better .
  • Video poker is known for its relatively high payout percentages, which is why online casinos regulate, for example, the redemption of bonuses in video poker. The player’s most popular video poker variation is Jacks or Better, with a payback rate of up to 99.56% on the Net Entertainment version.
  • In Finland, it is customary to play RAY’s Second Poker a and Joker Poker, where there are jokers among the playing cards. In secondary poker, or online casinos in Deuces Wild, all secondary cards act as jokers, and Joker Wild comes with one extra Joker card.

There are no jokers at all in Jacks or Better. The good return percentage of the game is due to the fact that even one pair of picture cards wins back their own bet. At the same time, the absence of Jokers simplifies gaming and the development of an optimal game strategy.

Stake and paytable

In Jacks or Better, the bet is also essential for the outcome. Because of the strategy, it is important to play at full bet level, giving your hands the best possible odds.

  • In video poker, the monetary price of a round is determined by the level of bet and the value of the coin. At the full bet level, the round costs 5 coins, the price of which is adjusted to suit the bankroll by changing the value of the coin. At its cheapest maximum bet, you can play for € 0.25 per round.
  • The table below shows Net Entertainment’s Jacks or Better Winning Odds. It is noteworthy that the royal flush gets a significantly higher coefficient at full bet than at lower levels.


The strategy has taken into account that a royal flush often pays an over-good coefficient relative to its probability. Following the strategy, for example, it makes sense to discard a card without a single card if you have three cards from the royal flush.