Watching sports is probably among the most popular pastimes in the whole world. Everywhere you go, you will undoubtedly find an avid sports fan who watches games religiously; some even engage in betting like SG pools soccer odds. And honestly, we can never blame them. 

Science has shown that people tend to obsess over sports for many reasons. One is the sense of belongingness sports can bring to its audience. Since your fellow sports enthusiasts understand the experiences you go through – from the adrenaline rush watching the scenes to the happiness or sadness you can feel when the team you vouched for wins or loses – it creates a sense of community where you can express yourself. 

With that in mind, it is understandable why sport is a big deal to the point of having a list of Singapore pools sports football by league odds favorites. Manchester City, who won in the previous season, has remained a crowd favorite. The league has just started with Tottenham taking the lead with 3 points and a goal difference of 3. On the other hand, Bournemouth, Arsenal, Manchester City, and New Castle have tied for second place with 3 points and a goal difference of 2 each. 

While Tottenham has taken the lead in the current game results, the recent odds show that Manchester City is still the favorite team among sports enthusiasts. But besides them, some other teams and players are also considered such. ErlingHaaland, Mohamed Salah, and Harry Kane are the players that many sports fans and bettors believe to be this season’s top goalscorer. 

However, there are still no odds offered for the top goalscorer. That’s why bettors should focus more on checking out the previous season’s leading goalscorers and see whether they will still perform well this season.  The Premier League goalscorer or the Premier League Golden Boot award is currently held by both Mohamed Salah and Son Heun-min, who have 23 goals each. 

If you want to know more about the favorites in the current sportsbook and Singapore’s pools, you can check out this detailed infographic by CM2BET. 

EPL 22/23: Current Sportsbook and Singapore Pool Favourite Odds