Bored at home on weekends? Need some fun-time but friends are busy with family. The ample time of lockdown must have already made you go through all your favorite activities innumerable times to excite you anymore. Further, with your leisure times of gym, loitering in grass reduced to none, you must miss the fun. 

With mobile, the device that you stumble upon every few minutes, and look for some activity. You must have reached out to every site and article possible. The nostalgia of the moments, when you went to the theatre or spent time at the casino trying your luck is bound to creep in. However, since you today have stumbled upon this piece, your excitement levels might see a surge by the time you reach the end. Here is a list of games that will take care of your need for casino-like fun and also can win you huge sums. 

All through your mobile screen! Follow on!


  • Bingo..!!


Any Bingo enthusiast here? Bingo..!! The tingling voice must have zoomed in your imaginations when all your numbers got marked off. 

Involving the game of probability, it makes the players have their numbers marked off successively. Each player has certain numbered cards. As the game progresses, the one player that gets all numbers marked off wins. 

To make those days of anticipation, alive again there are various apps on the web that can do so. Not only does it bring back the casino thrill, but also helps you earn money steadily. Yes, could you think of a simple game as a source of money? Well, if not better check it sooner than never.


  • Pokies


The one game that can satisfy your hunger for light gambling is Pokies. Better known by a slot machine, the game is an instant attraction for its simple gameplay. The lever being pulled causes the slots to spin until a blend of symbols gets aligned.

Nowadays, famous places or faces are also used in place of symbols.

The online pokies NZ game also offers beginners with free spins to try out their chances. This boosts the beginner’s morale and today online pokies have established itself well amongst the other games. 

This can earn you enough money for your evening cravings.


  • Arcade games


Yes, you read it right. Arcade games, puzzles can be a source of income too in your pass time. Various mobile users across the world find puzzles as the most amusing, when idle. 

Concerning that various websites offer games point-based systems of earning, by redeeming them. The points increase based on how much you play, and how massive your win is. 

This gives you the experience of building an empire of points and finally redeeming them as if breaking your piggy bank. 

Hence said, your levels of excitement must have already made you decide your kind of game. So today as you get idle, go visit these games and turn your boring ticking clock into fun times with chances of earning big alongside.