It is easy, after having achieved some good results, to feel satisfied and arrived from the point of view of the knowledge of this game. This is a serious leak, which must be taken care of immediately by keeping the enthusiasm for the game high and above all the desire to improve.

The Right Challenges

Poker is also a challenge to yourself, and for this there is always room to get better. After each session it is essential to re- analyze the plays, evaluate the gray areas of your game or even simply if the routine is taking over. Playing repetitively is never a good sign. The errors remain, and the most attentive players will be able to read them with ease.

An example: why every now and then, instead of standard c-betting with {to-}{k-}on this flop {to-}{5-}{2-}, we don’t try to check-call, with the aim of inducing a bluff on the turn and maybe river to whoever is {q-}{q-}in the hand?

In short, mixing the bets serves for deception and to expand our range of action, putting us to the test.

Without forgetting that there are very important means to improve the technique and keep up to date on the game, such as books, videos, dedicated sites and forums. New ideas or a better understanding of old, these are factors that you should never lose sight of. Using the casino no deposit bonus for the betting is important here.


To obtain results it takes time, we have already said this. But this also means consistency and daily dedication to the game. Dedicating an adequate number of hours a day, on a regular basis, improves the game and makes it safer. How much time should be spent in front of the computer? A little depends on the goal: growth, number of hands, semi-professional choice or pure pleasure, everything is fine, but not an economic goal. This month we have to earn € 500, for example, it is a wrong target that does not help us to impact the variance: what happens if we start well and win them in a week or if, on the contrary, after two we are clearly negative?

  • One thing is obvious, to play well you need concentration. Easy to say, less easy to make, especially at the beginning. Skype, Facebook, television and many other potential distractions are always lurking. Better to close everything and abstain. Skype is actually a good way to share opinions with other players, but it shouldn’t be done at the expense of the session, but rather afterwards.


There are always situations to be analyzed at the table, valuable information to take. If, on the other hand, we have drops or are tired, then it is better to take a break and regain concentration. The same thing also happens in live: sometimes it is strange to see so many players chatting or posting through iPads, or even reading books. At that point, if there is a need for some more stimulus, perhaps it is worth talking to the other players, maybe there is something good to learn!