Whilst the past year has been extremely successful for online casinos during the difficult period, the change has been occurring for much longer as online gaming as a whole has been surging in popularity – online casinos have been at the centre of this growth too as they’re amongst the most popular gaming option, but what are the biggest games and features pulling in new users on a regular basis?

Innovations to traditional titles – Some of the most successful games that have grown in popularity are just different spins on some of the modern classics – introducing live dealers to blackjack and poker bring a more social feel to games that had typically been a solo experience for online players, and newer options like video slots bring further interaction in a similar way to other machines that would otherwise be a solo experience too. As further titles are changed to be more inclusive of a shift to online platforms as land-based options remain closed or change, these types of innovations to bring fresh new spins on games will be vital for the future success of these online services.

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Social options and platform change – The game innovations are just a small part of change for the biggest games, as things like virtual and augmented reality are starting to work their way into online services too – with a shift to provide a different multiplayer experience for the growing number of players, the biggest opportunities for casino games will come to those who are able to replicate the offline service in an online, virtual environment, and certainly seems to be the way forward for most – those able to best do so are amongst the faster growing options, and will continue to be the most successful too.

Unique features help change too – Online services have typically always offered more unique features to help with accessibility too, with variety in deposit options with the likes of crypto for example it provides a different way for players to approach online gaming, or even accessing services located elsewhere like here with US casinos available for UK players, for example. As the question builds for what the future may have in store for land-based options, these features may change what is expected for online services too.

These are just a few of the many factors that have helped online casinos grow so popular too, and further changes will surely follow – given the growth occurring even prior to the past year, it’s seemingly almost certain that virtual options will be a clear future for casinos, but to what extent is the next answer to be found.