Many punters are looking for this information. Namely, knowing the volume of bets committed on a sporting event. These betting volumes come from the biggest bookmaker in the world! For those who do not yet know it, it is Kings Casino.

We told you about it in an article dedicated to Betting Exchange that we invite you to read to learn a little more about the subject.

We know that many of you want this information without knowing where to look. And a lot of Tipsters keep this information to themselves. Today, we tell you everything that you need from the 카지노 커뮤니티  .

What Interest For The Bettor?

This has several interests for the bettor. It is almost essential information in the end to know the volume involved in a match but especially on what prognosis.

This will allow you to find “abnormal” bets on certain matches by arousing your curiosity a little… Understand why the market is interested in such or such a team, in such and such a prognosis…

Kinds Casino is a site used by Traders all over the world, we are not dealing with amateur bettors. They usually have information long before the average bettor and they simply anticipate the future. rating drop (dropping odds).

In any case, observing the money supply involved in sports betting on certain events can allow you to find a very good spot.

Imagine an Italian Serie B match, with a big favorite. You notice that more than 40% of the bets placed are on the outside. There is something to scratch a little on Google to know the reason for this investment for traders.

The Favorite sends a B team? 

Is a major player injured? 

It may even be a rigged match Hallway noise.

Watching the monetary commitment on a bookmaker like Kings Casino has become a little habit for us every day. We invite you to do the same with this very easy-to-access website.

Run away from star tipsters

Charge for predictions or Other Casinos

But if you necessarily know them, Billionaire, Nico Pronos, Alex Betting UK, NL8 and the list goes on. Today there are more than twenty really famous tipsters and we find mainly on Snapchat. The principle is always the same, try to sell you a subscription to paid predictions. And the least we can say is that it is not cheap, count on average 40 euros for the 1 month subscription, automatically renewed of course. Many of them do not hesitate to use influencers on social networks. These Instagram, Snapchat or Youtube stars do not hesitate to advertise these tipsters to their large community of subscribers.