With Parx casino games, things have been running smoothly as these mobile casino games sites are well stocked and, most significantly, well designed. Although several tables are accessible for the same game, these table games are individually diverse. An area that could use some more variety and quantity is video poker, because there are few video poker games available, and that its variations are pretty basic. Despite this inadequacy, one cannot deny that we at PA online gambling are all about quality.

Payment methods at Parx casino


At PA online gambling, specific ways to deposit your money into your gaming account once the account is open. You can either pay through bank wire, credit card, mail, or check/money order.

Payment by mails

Funding through this method can be quite easy, all you need to do is to enclose your money order made payable to our casino and mail to Parx Phonebet, Bensalem, PA 19020, 3001 Street Road. For checks, the waiting period is usually seven business days, as these are the time needed for the cheque to clear. As for money orders, they are cleared immediately after the business offices have cleared them. However, it is essential to note that third party checks are not accepted.

Payment by credit cards

These are probably the easiest and safest way of transacting your money. For the deposit to go through, the account holder’s name and the card holder’s name should match. Additional charges from your bank and handling fees may apply. You may use a Debit, Credit, MasterCard, or Visa Card.

Bank wire

Our casino’s phone bet’s wiring service lets you make deposits with bank wires. It is essential to know that some restrictions may apply, therefore you should check with our phone bet business office.


The only other thing that is easier than wagering at our casino is winning. After your winnings, we credit your phone bet account. After the results are official and your account credited, you can decide to let the money remain in your account until you are ready to withdraw, or you can place other wagers. The withdrawals can be made by mail, bank wire, or by phone.

 Withdrawal by phone

You can call our phone bet business office directly and request a withdrawal from your account. Before you receive your payments, a pin your pin is required for verification purposes.

Bank wire

Our casino’s phone bet’s wiring service lets you make withdrawals with bank wires. A minimum of withdrawal $ 2,000 can be requested.

Games at our Casino

Available games include;

Slot games

These slots include progressive jackpot slots, video slots, and classic slots. To make your experience worthwhile, we have free spins, bonus rounds, and many other offers for you.


We at PA online gambling decided to bring the experience of these games online. To make sure there is a card game for everyone, we offer an extensive array of card games.


Depending on your luck, you can either choose to place outside or inside to win big. At parx casino, we have all styles of roulette to meet our customer’s demands.

Video poker

We have a wide range of video poker games for you to choose from. You can shuffle and win.

Security of the PA online gambling

One of the main factors that make the Parx casino safe to invest your money is because Greenwood Gaming and entertainment own it. Over time, the corporation has built a reputable name and legacy in the gambling industry hence making the casino secure.

Another that makes our online casino safe, and perhaps the most vital fact is the type of encryption technology we use in protecting your financial transactions and personal information.