You feel a little lonely at home, you would be fine to play at the casino but tonight you do not want to move to the land establishment closest to your home: you are therefore faced with a dilemma that will have to settle. Above all, do not leave your home, we have the solution.

In fact, in recent years, more and more casinos, they are still very few to this day are setting up, thanks to their game publisher, a new service much appreciated by players: the Live service. For the moment, even if this offer is done much more in English, it should soon arrive in French in our casinos, for your greatest happiness.

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How does it work?

You should know that the casinos which offer you this type of service are in relation with specialized schools which allow them to have croupiers at all times.

Behind a camera, a croupier sits at a table. It could be a poker, baccarat, blackjack, craps or roulette table. He has in front of him a screen indicating all the information concerning the players connected to his table. So he can know how much you bet and when you bet.

On your screen, you will see this croupier. You will therefore have the impression of being seated at a table in a real casino. In addition, you will also be able to see your opponents if they have a webcam and they allow the broadcasting of their image. Otherwise, it’s just an avatar you’ll see.

What interests for the casino?

For an online casino, offering Live mode is a huge advantage for several reasons:

First of all, in terms of quality, this is a very good thing for its brand image. Indeed, since this technology is not common today, an establishment that would make it available to its players becomes more original.

  • Because of this image of a casino ahead of its time, the interest that players will take in it will be more important. In addition, due to the fact that in the player community, information is quickly relayed, a casino like those in Belgium which practices live casinos would be quickly spotted and to satisfy their curiosity, players would therefore be more likely to try it. We can therefore say that commercially, it is a very good operation.

What interests for the player?

For the player too, there are many advantages to playing with a casino that offers Live mode:

The first advantage is to be able to have a real croupier who will do the manipulations in real time, in front of you. It will therefore be a first introduction to what really happens in a land-based casino without having to travel.

  • Beginning players will be able to practice, spot and take their mark at the table at which they will play in the virtual casino, before going to a land-based casino to apply what they have learned.
  • For those players who feel lonely, this is great for having a little fun, companionship, it makes the game much more interactive.

But for the moment, we were telling you, casinos that offer Live mode are still unusual. You can therefore use them, but for that, you will still need to have some knowledge of English because the casinos offering it are now exclusively English-speaking.