The equalization traction and ultimate logic idea is quite simple: Asian equalization draws off from the tie typically by chance on either side of at least half goal interest. If the handicap is of the form +0, then in the event of a tie, the bet will be returned to the bettor. The same goes if a team’s handicap is -1 and this team wins exactly by one goal.

The ww88 casino handicap can also be in the form +0.25, with half the bet set to +0 and half to +0.5. In this case, in the event of a tie, half of the bet will be refunded and half will be lost, and if the team wins at least the goal, the bet will of course win at its full odds. Usually, half goal equalization lines are set so that both the drive subjects is approximately 50% chance realized.


  • Target: 1×2 Dortmund
  • Game selection: 2
  • Odds: 3.70 An

Asian handicap is a great way to play underdog. In our example, Tottenham will face Dortmund away and get an odds of 3.70 on his win. As a bettor, you think the odds are way too high, but you also know that the target isn’t very relevant.

With the Asian handicap, you get a guest handicap to Tottenham and your bet is much easier to hit, and at the same time you can take advantage of your game idea as well as the market multiplier.


  • Target: Asian Handicap Dormund
  • Game Selection: 2
  • Odds: 1.82

In another special mark, Tottenham’s victory is played with an Asian handicap. Tottenham gets half a goal ahead of the market, which means an away handicap of +0.5 . Thus, both Tottenham’s win and a draw are enough to hit the target. At this point, the odds aren’t that high, but your bet will hit much more easily.

How to read a table

Under the heading “Handicap” you will find the draw assigned to the team. The left side of the results of the team is reduced paints and right side’s result is added paints. A -0.25 handicap means that half of the bet is set to 0 and half to a -0.5 handicap. A + 1.25 handicap means that half of the bet is set to +1 and half to a +15 handicap.

“Team Result” gives the “Bet Result”. After a total win or loss, a win or loss with a higher number of goals will still result in a total win or loss.

Since the purpose of the handicap is to eliminate the possibility of a draw, for example with a +1 handicap, the loss of the goal fully returns the bet placed on the bet.

  • “1/2 win” means that half of the bet wins by the given odds and half of the bet is returned to the player.
  • “1/2 ″ loss” means that half of the bet is lost and half is returned to the player.