Nowadays, a few websites offer direct agreements such as, Keocopa, Cado789, Topsoikeo. This interface is confusing and has too many ads.  The top two most popular websites for betting today are: Keonhacaipro, Keobet88,  Live odds here update quickly within 3s and super-fast loading speed.

Currently, there are four most popular house bets: the 188bet and the M88 house, the Vn88, and the So which one should be chosen.

The house is on page 188bet:

Provide more than 400+ tournaments, big and small, fastest updated markets 3-4 days before.  The odds at 188bet are very little volatile.  You can watch the handicap early and can watch more extra markets at each match.  Currently, 188bet is one of the most popular bets.  Account for 80% of the player market.

Keonhacai K+:

Keonhacai K+ is Similar to the 188bet house matchup, M88 is also a pretty much-chosen house.  But in Vietnam today the online bookmaker M88 is no longer as popular as before.

 Fb88 odds:

At Fb88 bookie the house that is most interested in is the Casino and the casinos.  With high odds and attractive bets, Fb88 becomes the trend of choice today.

Online glue dealer Vn88

At the Vn88 bookie with the handicap of the sports and sports pond.  In addition, the high-stakes and easy-to-eat fish shooting games are also welcomed by players

What to do to the blocked web link?

How to see the odds and the odds if the website collapses:

Method 1: Search for information on the house of the match

And go to Google and search glue Keobet88

Method 2: Visit the most prestigious House Handicap review pages

Nowadays, in the online handicap market, there are many sites providing raffles.  But most of them copy each other.  Only a few pages they specialize in analyzing the house and making an assessment. Which mainly Includes: SOIKEOEURO, KEOBET88BET. Currently, these are 2 VIP pages of 188Bet and W88 bookmakers in the VIETNAM market.

The top two most popular websites for betting today are Keonhacai88, Keobet88, The Live markets here update quickly within 3s and super-fast loading speed.

These are the parameters that the live dealer gives for each match.  Based on certain house rules. Currently, on the market for online bookmakers, bets are often interested in prestigious football tournaments.  Odds in this match account for 85% of the total online markets in the market.

What types of rafters does Keonhacai M88 have?

In a match, the house 188bet or M88 offers more than 60+ types of markets such as yellow card, corner, serve but there are 3 main types of markets that people are interested in.

Some of these are listed below:

Asian house odds

This market is based on the handicap of the strong team versus the weak team.  That means based on the handicap of team A with team B. From there, you will make the corresponding decision.

Under/over the house

This house mainly offers the common handicap for people to select their Low and high, also known as Over / Under. In Vietnamese these people are called Tai faint.