Every year, more people are introduced to online gambling. But with a plethora of options are available, many don’t know where to start? Some games are more complex than others or require lots of study. That’s why in this article we will share the four games we think people should start with. Once you’ve gained experience in these, you can look elsewhere.


The good thing about roulette is the control a player has. It also be as advanced or as simple as the punter wants. For instance, you wager on your favourite number or just bet on red. The simplicity of the game makes it appealing for new players. Secondly, game play is fast so you can start and stop easily.


Online slots are a great candidate to start playing at a Malaysia online casino due to the number of bonuses around. We have to recommend new players start with slots as you can get cool bonuses where you get free spins. This means you risk no money! It’s also a nifty way of breaking into online gambling without worrying about spending any money. Obviously, there are conditions you must read as you can’t wager 1 free spin, win, then cash out but its still a neat way to get introduced to online gambling.


Another popular form of gambling is online bingo. The reason we advocate this for newbies is the convenience and lack of strategy involved. For many new players entering online gambling platforms, they don’t want mentally taxing activities. They want to have a little fun gambling for small stakes, but with the opportunity to win big. This is what online bingo provides for many recreational gamblers and why we suggest trying it out.

Video Poker

Don’t confuse video poker with Texas Hold’em (a complex game). Video poker is where you get dealt 5 cards and can hold or discard as many as you want. You are paid out based on your hand strength (usually 9s or better). This fun game requires little strategy and gives anyone who knows poker hand rankings an opportunity to gamble at a poker game that is very easy to play. There is no bluffing element and you’re not against experts, so give it a try.

Image Source: Pixabay