If you are receiving a Sign-up Bonus, few casinos suggest that you download the software, set up a user account, and click on the BANK icon and then logoff to receive your cash once you re-login. Still, few casinos deliver additional bonuses to your E-mail accounts. 

Therefore, learning about poker, casinos online and how to use the software is essential for staying alert to the rules. To cash in on online casino bonus depends on the type of casino

Poker Games:

Most casinos offer various online slot games. Some of the games include Texas Hold Em’, which is one of the most played games online. Other games include Roulette, Cowboy Poker, Video Poker, Stud Poker, Aces and Deuces Wild, Slot, Progressive Slot games and so forth. To learn more about the games you could visit the realpoker365 website where a wealth of news and information is available.

Casino Bonuses:

The bonuses offered at various casinos online include, Sign-up Bonuses, Match Bonuses, Comps, Monthly Bonuses, Referral Bonuses and so forth. To use the bonuses at most casinos you will need to play x amount of games at the slots usually to receive your bonus. The bonuses sometimes start at $150 and up. Thus, the match bonuses mean that you deposit x amount of money into your online poker account and the casino will match your deposit. The 100% Match Bonuses are the better choices. Monthly bonuses are merely enforcers to keep gamblers playing at the casinos.

Bonus Whores:

Some gamblers online search for the Bonuses at the various casinos attempting to take advantage of the casinos online, at the same time signing up at various casinos, thus commonly these people are called Bonus Whores. The Bonus Whores are annoying since it causes drastic changes that affect all gamblers.


Depending on what game you are playing but tips and strategies are available at the casinos online. Again, you could also visit realpoker365 to learn more about bonuses, poker games and strategies. The Crap strategies are one of the most popular games played down through the centuries. To play online you need to learn about the come-out rules, pass-lines, bets, betters and so on to win the game.

Other information and news is available on the internet to help you learn strategies and tips for playing Texas Hold’ EM. In Texas Hold’ EM you will need to learn the basic strategies and rules to play. The anteing structures are important, since you will need to know when to hold, fold, or increase your bets. You will need to understand the ‘blind’ bets, and how the cards are dealt. The hands dealt often include a pocket card and a hole card.

You will also need to read the news on betting rounds, including representations of players to the left and right of the tables. Pre-flops, bum cards, and other details are needed to play Texas Hold’ EM.