Gambling is not only fun and a way to relieve stress, but also the possibility of psychological addictions.

Understood how to minimize the risks of gambling addiction, how countries regulate compliance with the principles of responsible gambling and how this process takes place in Indonesia.

Why gambling addiction occurs

Beautiful and bright design of slot machines, casinos and bookmakers creates a sense of celebration, the probability of easy winnings and a real opportunity to win back in a short time.

Excessive gambling can lead to a disorder called addiction. The World Health Organization defines this as “pathological gambling”.

It is quite easy to distinguish just entertainment from addiction. In the second case, the fascination with games is to the detriment of man: his work and family relationships, finances. A person can lie, borrow excessive money, and not stop in case of winning.

A psychology professor at the University of Kentucky, in his study noted that gambling behavior is characteristic of even pigeons. Eight pigeons took part in the first part of the study: they pecked at buttons and received a reward. If you press the left button, the pigeon saw a blue or yellow stripe and was guaranteed to receive three grains. If he pressed the button on the right, in 80% of cases there was a green bar and no grains, but in 20% – a red bar and as many as 10 grains. The result – in more than 80% of cases, the pigeons chose the button on the right. That is, pigeons are willing to sacrifice something to win a prize, despite the fact that it contradicts the most acceptable tactics of food production. .

What is responsible gambling?

One of the most important components of gambling in the modern world is the safety and interests of the user. All this has created a trend of responsible gambling.

There is no single common set of rules for responsible gambling. Jurisdictions themselves determine the optimal rules for their market, culture and characteristics. Regardless of philosophical differences, the presence of responsible gambling is a requirement for the gambling market. In a broad sense, responsible gambling entails alerting players about the risks and nature of gambling, promoting wagering within appropriate bounds, providing all necessary information for risk assessment, and prohibiting children from participating. It is critical that the player views games as a kind of fun and pastime, rather than a means of making money, coping with suffering, or preparing for a prospective loss. It’s also crucial to keep track of how much time you spend playing Crypto Brazino777 games.