It is no secret that when it comes to Best Slots on Avalon78, there is no right rule or strategy that will guarantee a good prize. Here you can check some details that can make all the difference when betting on slots, such as RTP, volatility, among other details. But well, as the name implies, gambling requires nothing more, nothing less than luck. No matter how much you’ve played in a slot game, the right recipe for winning a good prize is always to be in luck.

Read the slot machines

Learning how to read a slot machine means doing a brief survey about that game, and what prizes it has previously distributed. In other words, check if the slot jackpot is accumulated, and how much you are paying. In online casinos we have a great advantage, unlike traditional land based casinos, as we can check information more quickly and clearly; such as the value of previously paid premiums, frequency of payment, jackpot volatility, etc.

Play slot machines with high spin

If the goal is to win the jackpot, don’t play a slot machine that doesn’t have a lot of regular players and isn’t well known to everyone. Obviously, if people do not play, they do not deposit money and therefore the jackpot will be very low. Choose a more popular slot game and an online casino that has many players on a daily basis. These ‘most popular slot games’ are usually the most fun and have the best features.

Change slot machine

The following advice may belong more to the area of ​​superstition or psychology, but it is also valid, from our point of view. If you have been playing a slot game for a long time and have not yet won a jackpot prize, the best thing you can do is to leave and come back a while later. Changing the casino is also an option that aims at the same thing: bringing good luck to your game.

Choose slot machines with high payouts

We could not leave out what we think is the most useful tip here: choosing a game with a high RTP is another key to having a better chance of winning thousands of dollars playing slots. Especially if winning the jackpot is in your plans. As we know, the RTP of a jackpot slot tends to be lower than normal, so do a careful search on the data of the jackpot games and look for games that have an RTP of at least 96%.