The blackjack oyna strategy is generally easy to understand, but the explanation must still be clear. Discover the most famous and effective of them here, in this article gathering the most profitable blackjack oyna advice. Here, however, we will tell you everything you need to know to get started on the tables by gradually winning more and more games, thanks to this simple blackjack oyna strategy. Concentrate: we start.

Who developed the basic blackjack oyna strategy table and how? A story that has helped many players

Originally, before online casinos even existed and the idea of blackjack oyna strategy was born, each player thought that the game blackjack oyna was based entirely on chance. A bet was then placed blindly on all card games: both in poker and blackjack oyna. For these players, there was no more chance of winning against the house in these games, than in roulette or on slot machines. They had never thought of a blackjack oyna strategy. They would have been happy to watch this video to learn everything about the basic blackjack oyna strategy.

But when scientists started looking into the matter, they forever revolutionized the way they played, establishing the first blackjack oyna strategy. Edward Thorp and Baldwin, after analyzing hands and hands on this table game, established card counting techniques, as well as a blackjack oyna strategy aimed at making this or that decision based on the first two cards drawn. Since then, you can find variations of this 21 oyna strategy in a number of books freely inspired by the ideas of these precursors of genius. You can find this book on the internet, by looking for a “basic blackjack oyna pdf strategy”.

Update on the basic blackjack oyna France strategy in this explanation of blackjack oyna probability table:

Please note: we are about to reveal a new strategy blackjack oyna to you. It is of course identical to a basic blackjack oyna Quebec strategy, the blackjack oyna rules being international. However, the strategies differ according to the regions of the world, here is a French overview on the blackjack oyna strategy.

The best known blackjack oyna strategy was developed in the 1950s. It is made up of seven basic rules, all of which are easy to remember. 1st rule, never ask for an additional card when your score is twelve points minimum and the croupier only has a score of 6 or less. Rule number 2 of this blackjack oyna strategy: always draw an additional card with 16 points in hand if the dealer’s score is 7 or more. 3rd rule, try to draw an additional card by having 17 points or less and no longer ask for cards when arriving at 18 or more.


Still according to the blackjack oyna strategy, the Aces and Eight must always be separated, the seven meanwhile must be separated if the bank has the same pair or less.