Singaporeans know they have only two options for horse race betting. You can either place your wagers at Singapore Pools, which usually have fewer options, or you can play it online, as long as it is a legitimate platform. But no matter what channels are used, horse bettors must familiarize themselves with all types of horse betting as a basic rule. This knowledge is essential to understanding SG horse betting.

Two Categories in Horse Betting

As with any other type of betting, some categories are easy to understand, and others are more difficult. Horse betting is no exception as it has two types: straight and exotic bets. Let’s now look at the differences between them.

  • Straight Wagers are beginner-friendly wagers, as it is easy and affordable. It only requires a minimum of $2 to place a bet on most played straight wager types we’ll discuss later in this article.
  • Exotic Wagers allow placing multiple wagers on different horses in one bet. This is more complicated than straight wagers and requires more skill and knowledge to choose “winning.”Despite its expensiveness, many bettors choose this as it offers higher returns.

When it comes to straight wagers, there are at least three most played wagers: Win, Place, and Show. The Win straight wager type is the most straightforward game to play but has the most significant risk. The only thing a bettor has to do is place a bet on which horse will finish first. If a bettor chooses to play Place, then the person only needs to pick a horse and place a bet on whether it will win first or second. This wager type is less lucrative than win wagers in Singapore horse racing online betting.

The third straight wager type is Show. This time, a bettor can place a wager on which horse wins the first, second, or third. Hedging is an option, so this game has a higher chance of winning but less significantly has less payout.

To learn more about horse betting and exotic wagers, check out this infographic created by Junebet66.